Woodward Legal
Code of Conduct

We have a thorough understanding of Code of Conduct and associated Procedures

Our company has been intimately involved in the 2013 Model Code of Conduct and the Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code of Conduct in NSW. We have monitored these documents through their development by the Division of Local Government.

We offer experienced Conduct Reviewers carrying out reviews for a number of Councils including: North Sydney; Lithgow; Campbelltown; Camden; Rockdale; Waverley; and, Marrickville.

Our team has acted for Councillors and Council officers who have been the subject of conduct complaints and ICAC investigations. We have the required knowledge and experience in the principles of procedural fairness and disclosure of identity.

We have acted for a major insurance company for many years while running the local government caseload. We defended fraud cases and worked closely with private investigators and Police. During this time we have developed investigative skills for the presentation of defences to the Court. We draw upon these skills in our conduct investigations.

All work is carried out with an eye for detail as may be seen within the many reports we have produced. Our work is able to withstand the scrutiny of all parties involved.