Woodward Legal


Woodward Legal specialises in Environmental and Planning law and provides expert services in all related legislation. Our director, Ian Woodward, is an accredited specialist with 32 years of experience in major development projects and appearing in the Land and Environment Court.

We focus on all areas of planning, in city, rural and coastal regions. We have acted in all forms of development appeals representing applicants, councils and resident objectors. Our experience extends from environmentally sensitive Byron Bay to industrial development in the Auburn industrial park..

Further areas include:

  • Coordinating development application team of experts with local council
  • Appointing appropriate experts to land acquisition, preparing components of Development Applications
  • Object and challenge a council decision
  • Advising private certifiers, architects, town planners and other experts on pitfalls of planning legislation
  • Subdivisions
  • Construction and Occupation Certificates
  • Heritage protection

We invite you to contact us to draw upon 32 years of expertise - There is no obligation.

Often our regular clients will promptly gain insight to their problem on a complimentary basis. Often a strategy is developed for a positive way forward to address the issues promptly.