Woodward Legal


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Woodward Legal first began sprouting as an idea in the back of one man’s mind, that man was Ian Woodward, the company's founding director.


There the idea was nurtured and nourished before bursting into bloom. The idea, or seed itself, was originally produced by an observation he had made from within the very heart of the legal profession. The idea his experienced eyes met with was adapted gracefully to the evolving nature of change.

You see, most law firms at the time were still being run much in the same way they had been for generations. The Client would briefly project their problem onto an experienced solicitor. There, it would be left primarily within their care in an attempt to take away what they could from a consultation and, do the best job they could alone.


It was a two person relay race, where the client would chase a solicitor and then pass them the baton. Each carrying out their role independently, never looking back. The solicitor would hold the baton and run the race alone with little further input from the client. This would start to be seen as an old model. One that became embarrassingly out-dated. It became apparent to Ian that the relationship between client and solicitor was to be met with changing times. Wonderful freeing times, a time when the consumer would now be aware of their consumer power and brazenly unafraid to make sure that they were being taken care of in the best possibly way.

The expectation levels for experience and communication were becoming increased as people grew ever more aware that what they required was instant feedback and a solicitor with an excellent knowledge of the law. Ian could see that the client’s needs had expanded; now they were not willing to be a quiet victim of process. No, they expected more and to be honest, they deserved more.

Law firms still attempt to keep their clients at a distance. In Ian’s opinion, this is not acceptable. Instead, the law firm should be approachable and accessible. A client oriented partnership should be crafted with communication, flexibility and experience at the core.


These ideologies are what Woodward Legal proudly holds. They carry a high level of passion and dedication towards the ever changing needs of their clients. This ensures that they are met with a high level of satisfaction, something for which they have come to be known.

In the current technological age they are confident that by utilising modern mediums to advance all levels of communication and research they will in turn enhance their clients experience. The company continually evaluates its services and will put energy towards further expanding the firm's reach with a keen focus on increasing its productivity.

The company will continue to increase its services, embrace technological advances and above all, maintain personal connections with clients to form a mutually beneficial experience.

Future innovations will open new channels of communication, and when they become available you can count on Woodward Legal to be on top of those arising developments.